The President of the Circle Council is responsible for executing the deliberations of the Circle Council.
In addition, under the control of the Board, it has the following specific responsibilities:
1. the convening and presiding of meetings of the Circle Council and the Circle Council Office;
2. the publication of the proceedings and their transmission to the supervisory authority;
3. the management of the personal circle;
4. the keeping and preservation of the circle's archives;
5. the preparation of the budget of the circle;
6. the establishment of the administrative account;
7. the representation of the circle in justice and in the actions of the civil;
8. the underwriting of contracts, the awarding of leases, the tendering of municipal works in the forms established by the laws and regulations;
9. the establishment of acts of sale, exchange of partition, acquisition of heritage property following the deliberations of the council of circle;
10. guardianship of the public establishments of the circle;
11. the application of the regulations concerning administrative police.

M. Mamadou TRAORÉ

President of the council