Cher(e) internaute,

I welcome you to the official website of Kati Circle Council.

Having been elected only for the development of the community of Kati Circle and for the good and well being of the population. I am happy to be able to exchange regularly with you thanks to this invaluable platform of communication, where will be made available to all, a diverse range of information on our Circle and the Council of Circle. Nous We wanted to better publicize our missions, promote our vision of local development by contacting you. The vocation of the Council of Cercle website is above all to be at your service. 

The Kati Circle is engaged in a dynamic of development where everything is priority.We have a long-term vision of development and this requires a lot of endurance, collaboration and communication with our people and partners.
Je vous souhaite une excellente navigation.
M. Mamadou TRAORÉ
(Président du Conseil)