The missions of the Council of Cercle are among others:
1. The layout of the territory of the circle, consistent with that of the region;;
2. Plans and programs for economic, social and cultural development;
3. The creation and management of community amenities of circle interest in the following areas
at. general secondary education and
b. Professional training ;
c. The health ;
d. Road and communication infrastructure classified in the area of ​​the circle;
e. Urban hydraulics
4. The management of circle interest area, including:
at. The fight against pollution and nuisances;
b. the organization of agricultural and animal health activities;
c. Management of forest, wildlife and fisheries resources;
d. The acquisition and disposition of heritage properties;
5. The creation and management mode of the public services of the circle;
6. The organization of interventions in the economic field;
7. Organization of social promotion and protection activities;
8. The institution of royalties;
9. The fixing of the rates of the taxes and taxes of the circle within the framework of the bases and maxima fixed by the law;
10. Acceptance and rejection of donations, grants and legacies;
11. Budgets and the administrative account;
12. Works contracts and supplies, leases and other agreements;
13. Borrowings and loan guarantees or endorsements;
14. The granting of subsidies;
15. Equity investments;
16. Twinning projects and cooperation actions with other Malian or foreign local authorities;
17. Staff management arrangements;
18. The rules of procedure providing, inter alia, for the working methods of the working committees;
19. The regulations on administrative police.